Molly McGrath Leaves the Celtics, This is not a “Who’s Next?” Post


The Futon Critic – FOX Sports Media Group today announced the key additions of Don Bell, Molly McGrath and Julie Stewart-Binks to the FOX Sports 1 broadcaster roster… Bell’s primary role includes anchor duties for FOX SPORTS LIVE, FOX Sports 1’s flagship news, opinion and highlights program. McGrath and Stewart-Binks serve as update desk and breaking news correspondents for the new 24/7 sports network set to debut on Saturday, Aug. 17. The announcement was made today by Executive Vice President, Studio Production, Scott Ackerson in conjunction with a series of others marking the 100-day countdown to the launch of FOX Sports 1… McGrath joins the FOX Sports family from the Boston Celtics where served as a sideline reporter and in-arena host during the 2012-2013 season and was responsible for live segments during Celtics home games including halftime updates and player interviews at TD Garden. She also worked as host of Celtics Now!, a monthly recap program on Comcast SportsNet New England highlighting the best moments on and off the court for the Celtics. Additionally, McGrath hosted packages for Comcast’s Celtics On Demand as well as hosted, produced and edited daily updates, exclusive interviews and other packages for the Celtics’ team website. Originally from San Francisco, McGrath is a 2011 graduate of Boston College, where she studied broadcast journalism.






You let the Heat beat you in last year’s Eastern Conference Finals. You follow that up by finishing 7th in the East. And now you’re letting the only prospect you’ve developed in the last 5 years walk? What in the hell have you got going on in that department?!

Molly McGrath’s got it all. Poise and Tits. Confidence and Smiles. Brains and Ass. Legs and Legs and Legs and Legs.

Look at that fucking strut! Those are mechanics you just can’t teach. I’ve seen dozens of sideline reporters in my time. None of them could prance like that little minx.

This town is only as good as its weakest link. The Pats are on a different level, and I’m not expecting you to be them, but look around. The Bruins are about to move on in the playoffs and could very well win their second Stanley Cup in 3 years. Shit, even those morons over at Fenway have turned last year’s three-ring circus into a 1st Place Team. In fact, I want you to reach out to them.

God knows I don’t agree with everything the Red Sox do. But if there’s one thing they’ve got right it’s scouting box: Hazel Mae, Tina Cervasio, Heidi Watney, Jenny Dell. Jesus H! Jenny’s even taken a few days off this year and they threw out Jamie Erdahl. Jamie’s the Staff Ace with any other franchise, and she’s the Sox’ #2!

Listen Wyc, I don’t want to micromanage, but I’ve had just about had enough. Next Season I want 2 things: Banner 18, and a vixen who dresses like each broadcast will be her last. Either clean up this mess, or clean out your office.


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